Commercial Attache

The conference of recruitment of Turkish investment in the Afghan energy sector was held in partnership with the Turkish technical Export Company of Electricity and the participation of more than 20 Turkish companies at the conference hall of the above mentioned institutes on November 13, 2018. This program was opened with a welcome message by the deputy of this association. Consequently, Honorable Zakaria Barkzai, General Counselor of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in Istanbul, gave a comprehensive lecture on the historical ties between Afghanistan and Turkey since the Seljuqies, Atatürk and especially in the past two decades, and with the new view of the Afghan president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, that Afghanistan was a point of reference for the region, and talked about TAPI, TAP, and CASA 1000 projects as a practical example of this vision, clearly spelled out Afghanistan’s economic policies.
Later, Afghanistan’s business delegation focused on Afghanistan’s energy sector investment opportunities, in particular the Electricity Services Act, the Public Private Partnership Law, the Business Environment and the New Reform, which made Afghanistan one of the world’s first leading reformer countries. In line with the current state of energy, shortages and demand for energy and production of energy resources inside Afghanistan, current energy projects, projects ready for national and international investments in the sun, water and wind sector under the Public Private Partnership Law. The people who had participated all the above topics were described in this conference and the questions of the participants were answered. At last three Turkish companies had shown their interest in investing in the gas and electricity, solar power and demanded separate follow-up visits to commercial attaché.
It is noteworthy that we thank the attention and cooperation of the individual and the head of the Ministry of Energy and Water Mr. Khalimi and his technical colleagues, in the technical preparation of the Presentation attracting Fund of the Turkish Energy Companies in the Afghan Energy Sector.