Refugee Affairs

Activities of Deputy Legal and Immigration Affairs

The deputy Legal and Immigrant affairs in the General Counselor of Afghanistan in Istanbul have got very difficult responsibilities. Although no national income has been obtained from this sector but for the sake of the urgent help and need to citizens of the country, the General Counselor’s Office has had the opportunity to appoint two qualified diplomats along with seven of its local staff in this area to provide day-to-day activities.

In this case, it is very necessary to quote the example of refugee repatriation unit in this sector which had the highest level of activity in 2018. These refugees were around 10,000 who wished to go to their homeland with their own desires, and in accordance with Decree No. 396, the honorable President of the country has provided the repatriation document. The repatriation document initially has to be given to the people of the country. Of course, it should be repeatedly stated that in this document the return to the homeland is carried out in any given manner on the basis of the wishes of that particular person.

Other activities of the Legal and Immigration Affair’s Department are as following:

  1. Issuance of returning papers to the homeland.
  2. Issuance of the identification sheet of the number of compatriots lacking authentic identity documents.
  3. Death certificate to the Afghan families who have died in various incidents.
  4. Presenting the prisoner’s visit sheets. Introducing prisoners ‘families and prisoners’ telephone contacts.
  5. Confirmation of identity and cooperation among the compatriots who have been admitted to healthcare facilities in different hospitals.
  6. Configuring and reporting the above items in accordance with the center’s procedures.
  7. Follow up of legal and criminal cases under national and international law.