Issuance of Certificates

Marriage certificate:

In order to solve the problem and promise of the citizens of Afghanistan living abroad who are married and have no marriage certificate letters. Although, when those citizens are still at the same time married, the authorities after gaining complete knowledge of their genuine marriage can issue marriage certificate letter by following conditions:


Those people who are from the third country asking for the marriage certificate, having a letter which indicates his single marital status is compulsory.

Product: The preparation and the issuance of marriage certificate costs 200 $ US.


Definition of divorce:

From a literal point of view, it means eliminating the term, and in the sense of a literal term, is dissolution. The relationship between the current and future correlations between the couple and the wife can be ascribed to the occurrence of the divorce from the victim.

Divorce certificate:

A document which is issued in order to dissolve the contractual relationship between the married couple, the people who request such type of document is prepared and issue for them.

Divorce in Islam as a social asset as the last resort for rescuing non-pecuniary problems. Those problems are intolerable in the relationship between husband and wife. According to this, the Men (husbands) before the divorce from the wife must use other remedies and solutions, such as recommendation, separating the bed, choosing such type of the sentences and the mediator, and compromise between each other and so on.

  1. There has to be a reason for the divorce requirement.

B: If the issue of alimony, custody (Maher) and custody of children has not been met, and the purpose of dismissal and possession of a legal document is there.

C: Divorce occurs when a woman is cleaned up from her habit.

D: As an Admiral, when the woman cleans up and after completing a different correctional authority, failure of the judiciary is carried out.

According to the findings of the court of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the issues related to secrecy, custody (Mehir), custody of children are not responsible for the separation and possession of a legal document, political and constitutional representation.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can be pro-active and have two witnesses of Afghan citizens considering documents (valid Identity) Passport Notes, according to the application form, will be issued by the Divorce Officer and will be issued in a non-exclusive manner.

Product: Preparation and the issuance of the Divorce certificate costs 200 $ US.

Single Bail (certificate):

A formal document through which a person’s immaterial in the amount of three confessors and the two witnesses is acknowledged.

Department of Political and Constitutional Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can enforce bailiffs’ dues to citizens of Afghanistan under the following conditions:

  1. According to the Court of Auditors, citizens of Afghanistan who were 18 years old before the legal age immigrant or traveler’s country and residence document of the country of residence, dealers can apply for a single bail document. In this process, the concerned department can issue and arrange single bail for that individual while having three confessors and two witnesses according to the submitted form.

  2. Afghan citizenship, who before completion of his legal age (18 years) immigrate from one country to another, and later in the third country. They have the right to reside in the third country, the agent can ask for a valid residence and travel document from the previous country and can issue the single bail for that individual.

  3. Afghan citizens who have been smuggled out of the country after completing their legal age (18 years). They need to bail out through the courts. In this case, applicants can file a lawyer to a court in order to obtain a bail.

Product: the preparation and the issuance of the Single bail costs 75 $ US.

Proportionality document:

Based on the written request of the applicant, three confessors and two witnesses according to the sample will be shipped more extensively and exported.

The collateral will be issued according to the following conditions:

Product: the preparation and the issuance of proportionality document costs 75 $ US.

Death Certificate:

Afghanistan’s political and Constitutional Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can give the death certificate to the Afghan citizens after examining the following with the following conditions:

A: Principal (original) document issued by the hospitals, the Population Register or the courts of Afghanistan or the Republic of Afghanistan, approved by the Department of State Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (for free).

B: Principal documents or the translated form of death certificate of the Supreme Council, which has been suspended and exported through the Government from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country or from the province, will be approved by the Senior Officials. (For free)

C: Principal or the translated form of death certificate which is issued in the third country and approved by the political and constitutional affairs of the exporter in the country of residence. (For free)

D: Principal or the translated form of the death certificate which has been issued in a third country and confirmed by political and constitutional affairs of Afghanistan must have arrived in the issuing country. (For free)

The order and delivery of death certificate are free of charge.


Non-criminal liability:

All those people who are from Afghanistan, who are staying in the country and who need to acknowledge the lack of responsibility from crimes time to time those people must have a residence permit in Afghanistan. They must submit their application for confirmation of non- criminal liability to Afghanistan authorities, the Delegate are required to obtain the applicant’s request and be referred to the competent authority and upon receipt. They need to be sure; they will be informed of the matter of liability or non- criminal liability in the host country.

During the reflection on your request, you will be advised to mention your place of residence, complete identity and address such as (the name of the father, the name of the grandfather, the Afghan citizenship (TAZKIRA) (volume – page number – the registration number), the district, village, the province and copy of Afghan citizenship must be attached to your request and must be send to the center.

According to the following conditions, please refer to General Consulate: