Issuance of ordinary Electronic passport:

According to Article 14th of the Passport Law, the passport provided for in Article 12 of this Law the person who is requesting for passport shall indicate the identification of the Afghan Nationality. According to procedures passport will be issued to the applicant by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior.

ID card (Tazkira) should be attest by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

  1. Passport Missing:

1: Under Article 28 of the Passport Act, a person whose passport is missing within or outside the country is required to report the police and advertise regarding this situation through one of the media.

2: If the passport of the person mentioned in paragraph (1) of this article is not received, it is required, to obtain a new passport but has to pay the double amount of the issuance of passport.

  1. Passport Fire:

1: In accordance with Article 29th of the Passport Law, the person whose passport has been fired after the approval of the Police Department for the fire of the passport. The individual can request for the issuance of a new passport.

2: Passport authorities are required to declare invalidity of the passport after ensuring that the passport is extinguished and inform the relevant departments. In this case, the new passport will be issued to him in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Fine: According to Article thirty-seven of the Passport Law, a person who causes injury or destruction of his passport or another person is required to pay the fine in cash $ 240 US.

According to the article 19th of the passport law, following documents are required to get ordinary electronic passport.

1: Citizenship Certificate.

2: Request for passport issuance in writing.

3: Two pieces of standard photo (4.0 in 4.5 cm with white background Biometric).

4: filling out the application form.

Passport product: A passport product in its normal state is $ 120 US.

Note: A message will be sent to your mobile number in order to collect your passport.

Passport Form: