Cultural Affairs

Celebrating Afghanistan-Turkey Friendship Day;

Turkey’s high political and military standing in the region’s equations, its historical and traditional role in the Islamic world, its membership in the NATO pact and its geographical location, the connecting link between Asia and Europe, and the East-West link bridge to the West and the Muslim world to Europe. All of this is a sign of Turkey’s influence in the region and its impact on regional strong.
On the other hand, the moderate view, the Turkish Islamists, and their interactive and democratic experience with the power category can be a model and a good example in the Middle East, crisis and inflammation.
It is happening that during the past four decades our country has witnessed the ups and downs and descents of the country and despite the adventures of some of the countries of the region and their direct involvement in chaos; Turkey’s footsteps in peaceful Afghanistan and its friendship was not comparable to others.
There has been no doubt that the Afghan government over the past few decades did not make use of the friendly and peaceful position of Turkey as needed.
Therefore, it is necessary to discuss this issue deeper and more seriously, and in order to strengthen and deepen the Afghan-Turk relationship, in new way with new plans so that the fruitful tree of the friendship of both countries could be more productive.
Discussions, dialogue and conversations concerning cultural commonalities between Afghanistan and Turkey will open new horizons in the friendship areas of both countries and our diplomacy apparatus can take this backpack burden design and plan in more politically, culturally, economically and commercially.
Consequently, Afghan General Consulate in Istanbul hosted a celebration of the Afghan-Turkish Friendship Day so this celebration could be a source of involvement of cultural analysis and dialogue among academics, experts, elites, speakers and political analysts the form of a conference. In this way remarkable conference of friendship between both the countries could be remembered.
Celebration of the Afghan Friendship Day celebration Friday, March 16, 2019 in hall: The movement of humanity and civilization in the Ayoub Sultan city of Istanbul, with the presence of the high ranking officials of both countries, foreign diplomats, parliamentarians, educators, elites, Mass media and magnificent reporters has been organized and efforts has been made by the counselor staff .
It is worth mentioning that the institution of humanity and civilization, headed by engineer Javad Mohammed, is a cultural institution that has been familiar with Afghanistan for more than three decades and has a friendly and kind relationship with Afghans.
General Counselor of Afghanistan Mr. Zakaria Barakzai met with Mr. Javad before the ceremony and thanked him for their cooperation with Afghanistan. They emphasized that the new leader of the Counselor will surely work to deepen the friendship in the context of the policies of the Government of National Unity.